We started considering buying a house with very little money, lots of preferences, and a very linear view of what was available. Dale began with showing us all the possibilities available to work into the home we were hoping to land. We strategized and looked together until deciding to make an offer. Our hopes were high and then quickly dashed when a cash buyer came and trumped our offer. After a few deals falling through we then saw the value of having a seasoned real estate specialist by our side. Dale was encouraging and relentless in fighting for us. He took a personal approach with our family helping us to continue the search. We found a house which couldn’t be more perfect for us and we thought “there is no way we get this house”. Dale stood in the gap and negotiated an incredible deal where both parties were happy with the result. Four years later we still pinch ourselves saying “how did we get into such and amazing place?”. I can’t imagine buying another home without Dale and his team.