When I purchased my property back in 2001, I knew it was unique. I had envisioned fruit trees, guest house, Rv hook ups- A modern day homestead to keep in my family forever. I called it Somerset and I began working on my vision including a special Persimmon tree planted in honor of Grandpa Tom. Over the years between a growing family and military deployments; goals changed and I knew what was best for my family was to sell the home. But selling this home was like selling my dreams, like selling a little part of me. My wife and I began talking to Dale about our plans to renovate and sell. I was impressed with his knowledge of the industry as he was able to easily navigate what appeared to be a maze of codes, rules, ordinances, and regulations to me. It was his understanding of people’s hearts that finally helped me understand I could continue working on my vision but this time for someone else that may see in it what I saw. Through the renovations he was always conscious of staying within our budget despite the unexpected findings in renovating an older home. Every step of the way he explained the costs in detail making sure it was value we were investing. Value that at the end of the day would be obvious to anyone that someone cared about this home. Ultimately, we listed on a Friday, Dale and his Team had Cider and Pie Open House over the weekend, and we had several offers by Mon. One of the offers really stood out because it had a letter attached from a young family (much like my own when I purchased the homestead). I know they will take very good care of Grandpa Tom, and the rest of Somerset!
-Rick Bolander